In my Code i never start a goroutines , but there is always some goroutines that are running.
is it some kind of issue ?
Is these goroutines are running by nakama?
What kind of goroutines these are and what there purpose ?

@HashtagGo It’s completely normal to see that the game server starts with a small number of active Goroutines. There’s a number of configuration settings in the server which affect how many pooled resources are setup at startup. A couple which are noteworthy are:

  • leaderboard.callback_queue_workers - Number of workers to use for concurrent processing of leaderboard and tournament callbacks. Default 8.
  • runtime.min_count - Minimum number of runtime instances to allocate. Default 16.

You probably want to read through the documentation on server configuration to have a more detailed view on all the features that can be tuned in the server. I don’t recommend you change these default values unless you have a specific need to do so.