Any reason for the long matchmaker interval?

Why is ‘matchmaker.interval_sec’ set to 15 by default, feels like a really long time. Is there a reason for a long time for this or is it just a random preference. I’m thinking we’ll use 3 sec.



Some games like COD for mobile takes 45 seconds to match.

There are two type of modes in COD
Ranked and Normal

Ranked usually takes more time. Because matching the right player according to the properties you passed could take time especially if the parameters are mandatory like, +cups_count for example

The normal match in the other hand is faster to match, but the players are usually not matching with skills and end up with unbalanced game

So 15 is decent and usually it takes less to match (depending in the parameters you pass) but if you make it 3 the server may not be able to match the player in that short period


Ah exactly so, the longer the wait the better the match. I guess that’s how nakama works (gotta dig into the code). I’m comparing it to games like Clash Royal that typically has a super short matchmaking time, and if there’s a good match it would be nice to match it directly (if waiting doesn’t help to find a better match).


@nixarn Yep similar to what @Mohammed mentioned it really is just a tradeoff between the quality of the match found and the speed that the player gets into the gameplay. You will likely adjust the matchmaker interval times based on how large the active player base is (and the distribution of players at different skill levels in your game - if the gameplay is skill/ELO based).

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